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Combovers place fourth in contest at  Bluegrass Festival  

The Combovers along with our pal Pooh Johnston recently achieved  a ten way tie for fourth place at the Watermelon Park Bluegrass Festival bluegrass contest. The contest consisted of thirteen bands playing one song each.  The boys chose the old Bob Wills favorite Sooner or Later. While the prize winning band  practiced their song and harmony over and over backstage, Dan and the boys kissed babies, slapped backs  and pumped fists with a variety of friends, fans and fanatics in an effort to curry favor. Unfortunately one of the babies kissed may have had an amorous  connection to the judge of the contest.  

Marty Grosz, our mentor in things musical, in a recap of the  event, asked why a swing band would participate in a bluegrass festival. “Thousand dollars first prize” was the resounding answer. Marty continued: “ who played banjo?”  . . . . “No banjo player . . .” and then Marty  pressed on, “who’d you have on fiddle?”  “ . . . no fiddler . . .”  “And your song was a western swing song?”

But Marty, who in the world has ever heard of a swing contest?